Lian Hydrovagin Cream

Lian Hydrovagin Cream Vaginal dryness

Lian Hydrovagin Cream

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About the product


According to Chinese tradition, it is the fluids which moisten mucous membranes and keep them supple. If the fluids are damaged or used up, mucous membranes become dry and cracked. Hydrovagin Ovules are made up of herbs which, in combination, nourish and moisten yin and support Qi and Xue. In addition they are very effective in clearing empty-heat. They are indicated in cases of vaginal dryness caused by damaged and deficient fluids.


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Apply locally twice a day or as directed by your physician or therapist.


Use during pregnancy is not recommended. Use of Lian
Hydrovagin Cream can reduce the protective effect of latex products, such as vaginal diaphragms and condoms. Simultaneous use should be avoided. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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