The LianTong product line, which is produced in Switzerland, is inspired by the ancient wisdom of Chinese tradition, where massage and herbal treatments are highly valued. The Chinese word tong means "to unblock, to flow through" - this fits well with application in the field of sports and massage. LianTong products are based on select Chinese herbs, which promote the flow of energy (Qi) and resolve blockages.

LianTong is ideal for relaxation after strenuous exercise, hard work, and for a tired back or stiff neck. Lian Tong supports regeneration in cases of muscle soreness and blunt impact. Great for loosening up muscles and tendons and relaxing.


THE INTENSIVE ONE - lightly warms, relaxes muscles and tendons, resolves blockages and promotes the flow of energy (Qi).

The Intense line warms gently, relaxes muscles and tendons, releases blockages and promotes the flow of energy (Qi). Ideal for warming up the muscles with a short massage and for recovery after exercise, sport or work. LianTong Intense supports the regeneration of sore muscles, muscle strain, muscle tension and muscle irritation as well as after blunt impact. The modern gel contains both glycerine and vitamin E and nourishes the skin. The Intense products can be used immediately before and after sport. The spray is quickly absorbed by the skin and can be used as a bath additive. LianTong Intense should not be missing in any sports bag.


LianTong HOT

THE HOT ONE - warms intensively and relaxes tension accompanied by sensations of cold, which worsen in wer and cold weather.

LianTong Hot relaxes, warms intensively, promotes blood circulation in the skin and releases the flow of energy (Qi). LianTong Hot is just right for tense muscles and tendons that feel cold and for tension that worsens in cold, wet weather. Ideal for warming and loosening the lower back, neck and shoulder area and promoting mobility.

Massage in LianTong Hot several times a day until the tension is relieved. After massaging in LianTong Hot, cover the affected part of the body with a cloth or a piece of clothing.


LianTong COLD

THE SPORTY ONE - relaxes and cools intensively. For sore muscles, overuse and after blunt impact.

LianTong Cold relaxes, cools intensively and promotes the flow of energy (Qi). Ideal for tense muscles and tendons with reddening of the skin and feelings of heat. LianTong Cold releases acute blockages. The product can be used in sports like an ice spray or ice pack after blunt impact. It is also suitable for recovery and regeneration after acute, intense muscle soreness and overuse.


LianTong RELAX

THE BALANCED ONE - relaxes muscles and tend
ons as well as tendons and lightly warms with a pleasant fragrance.

LianTong Relax is our product that relaxes your muscles and tendons and refreshes them with a fragrance of sandalwood, ginger, frankincense and lemongrass. It is designed to relieve tension and promote the flow of energy in the body, also known as Qi, during exercise, sport and recovery. The Relax does not have a distinct hot or cold effect. It is a good alternative for those who do not like the smell of menthol or camphor.

The LianTong Relax Massage Oil is ideal for a soothing massage. The oil spreads easily and is slowly absorbed into the skin. The natural vitamins and fatty acids provide lasting care for the skin.


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