05. March 2024

Umstellung LianGu Vitalpilz-Sortiment


As part of our continuous efforts to improve our offerings, we have taken a close look at our LianGu vitality mushroom range and have been in close contact with therapists and numerous pharmacies and drugstores. After careful consideration, we will be reducing our range from the previous 12 vitality mushrooms to the 6 most relevant ones beginning on April 1, 2024.

The selected vitality mushrooms are as follows:

Agaricus ABM

In addition, we will concentrate on a single size (now 120 capsules with 60g in total) and for ecological reasons we will dispense with both the outer box and the leaflet.

It is important for us to emphasize that the range in powder form for you as a TCM specialist as well as a vitality mushroom specialist is unaffected by these changes and remains complete with 13 vitality mushrooms. Proven, individual medicinal mushroom formulations can still be prescribed via our online ordering system OOS.

In order to continue to tailor our LianGu range to your needs, we are working hard on innovative ready-to-use vitality mushroom blends for specific indications. These should not only make consultations much easier and more effective, but also more efficient.


  • Streamlining of the range from 12 to 6 pre-packaged and encapsulated single vital mushroom remedies
  • There is now a single size: 120 packs.
  • For ecological reasons, we are dispensing with both the outer carton and the package insert.

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