07. December 2023

New product - Herbal & Rice Congee

Quick, Easy and Delicious: Hot Power Breakfast

Our new, ready-made breakfast for everyday life.

Add the mixture to the pot with water in the evening, leave to soak overnight, boil briefly in the morning and you have the perfect start to the day.

Da zao and bai he, which are sweet and nourishing, combine with the aromatic and warming lan gui, chen pi and sha ren to create a delicious taste.

Bai bian dou, lian zi and rice strengthen the center. The congee can be modified as desired. For example, the sweetness of honey, maple syrup, almond butter and a mashed banana goes wonderfully well. Garnished with fruit and nuts, it tastes even better.

Our power congee gives you plenty of strength and energy for the whole day. Complete mixture with herbs and rice.


Enjoy your meal!

What's inside?

english chinese latin effect
rice da mi Oryzae Sativae Semen Strengthens the center and the Qi
red dates da zao Jujubae Fructus Tonify Qi, generate fluids and harmonize center
Lily bulbs bai he Lilii Bulbus Nourish Yin, support the respiratory system and calm the mind
Lotus seeds lian zi Nelumbinis Semen Tonify the center, stabilize essence and calm the mind
Helmet bean seeds bai bian dou Lablab Semen Album Strengthen the center and convert moisture
Ceylon cinnamon lan gui Verum Cortex Gently strengthens the yang and warms the body
Tangerine peel chen pi Citri Reticulatae Pericarpium Move and lower Qi. Dry dampness and phlegm
Cardamom fruit kernels xi sha ren Amomi Fructus var. Xanthioides Support the flow of Qi, warm the center, transform moisture and increase appetite


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