Lian Shui<br>Fluid

Lian Shui
Fluid Roll-On 10 ml

Lian Shui Fluid Roll-On

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Package size: 10 ml

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About the product

Lian Shui is based on a mixture of exquisite Chinese herbs that relax.

Lian Shui Fluid absorbs quickly into the skin and is a great choice for use as a liniment. It relaxes and promotes the flow of energy (Qi) after sports and recreation. Lian Shui gives a refreshing feeling on the skin and helps with insect bites. The balanced mixture of notoginseng, burr-reed, angelica root, curcuma, frankincense and sappan wood move stagnated energy and release tension. The centella, eucomnia and the kadsura pepper stems nourish and activate. Finally, the acrid, dried ginger warms, while at the same time, the refreshing borneol cools.


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san qi (Notoginseng Radix)  notoginseng root
san leng (Sparganii Rhizoma) burr-reed rhizome
ru xiang (Olibanum) frankincense
dang gui (Angelicae Sinensis Radix) Chinese angelica root
du zhong (Eucommiae Cortex) eucommia bark
ji xue cao (Centellae Herba) centella
su mu (Sappan Lignum) sappan wood
gan jiang (Zingiberis Rhizoma) ginger rhizome
e zhu (Curcumae Rhizoma) curcuma rhizome
hai feng teng (Piperis Kadsurae Caulis) kadsura pepper stem
bing pian (Borneolum) borneol

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