Lian Ru warming

Lian Ru warming Emulgel MAXI 450 ml

Lian Ru warming

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About the product

Lian Ru warming is an emulgel made with an extract from selected Chinese herbs for tension accompanied with a feeling of cold.

Lian Ru warming relaxes and warms, loosens the limbs and promotes the flow of energy (Qi). Lian Ru warming promotes skin circulation and is just right for cases of tension with a feeling of cold as well as for tension which worsens in damp, cold weather. Apply several times a day until the tension resolves. After massaging Lian Ru warming into the affected part of the body, cover the area with a piece of clothing. The Chinese herbal mixture of dried ginger, fennel seed, pubescent angelica root, clematis root, and kadsura pepper stems together with the vanillyl butyl ether and camphor expel cold. Centella, Japanese clubmoss, safflower blossoms and peach kernels make tissues supple.


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hai feng teng (Piperis Kadsurae) kadsura pepper stems
hua jiao (Zanthoxyli Pericarpium) pepper seeds
wei ling xian (Clematidis Radix) clematis root 
xiao hui xiang (Foeniculi Fructus) fennel fruit
gan jiang (Zingiberis Rhizoma) ginger rhizome
hong hua (Carthami Flos) safflower
ji xue cao (Centellae Herba) centella
tao ren (Persicae Semen) peach kernel
mo yao (Myrrha) myrrh
ru xiang (Olibanum) frankincense
du huo (Angelicae Pubescentis Radix) pubescent angelica root 
qiang huo (Notopterygii Rhizoma et Radix) notopterygium root
zhang nao (Camphora) camphor


  • For external use only.
  • Avoid contact with eyes.
  • Not suitable for small children.
  • Use during pregnancy not recommended.
  • Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight. 

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